What is design?Design – TRADESAFE

Design means only the features of shape, configuration, pattern or ornament or composition of lines of color applied to any article given to an article by any industrial process or means which can be easily judge by the eye. The Design must have novelty in shape, configuration, pattern or ornamentation to the product, as mere mechanical contrivance cannot be registered as design. The designs should be new or original and a person applying for design must be the proprietor of designs.

Why design registration required?

In the era of globalization & liberalization, the Indian market is flooded with large variety of products and the consumers are provided with numerous alternatives for any single product. Thus, it is pertinent to have distinctive and appealing design of the product so that the article can be easily recognized and demanded by the ultimate consumer at large.

Documents required for design:

(a) Name(s), age and address (es) and nationality (ies) of the Applicant whether they are proprietor, partners or Directors.

(b) Name of an article/specification of goods in which design subsist. i.e. container, bottle, machine, fans, Household goods, clocks, Recording, communication or information retrieval equipment, stationary, sports articles etc.

Renewal of Design

The registration of design is valid for 10 years from the date of application or date of priority whichever is earlier. This duration may be extended by another 5 years on filing an application for extension of copyright before the expiry of the said period of 10 years. Total terms of Design is 15 years.