Christian Louboutin SAS Vs. Abubaker and Ors.

Decide on: 11.04.2019   FACTS OF THE CASE: The Appellant (Plaintiff), a company duly incorporated under the existing laws of France, having its registered office at Paris against the Defendants who are located in Mumbai. The suit was filed for a permanent injunction to restrain the Defendants from infringing the Plaintiff’s trademark, passing off, unfair […]

Horlicks Ltd. &Anr. Vs. Heinz India Pvt. Ltd.

Citation: (2018) 9 SCC 183 Court: Supreme Court Order dated: 17.12.2018. Facts of the Case: The plaintiff has filed the Suit against the first defendant for illegal disparagement of its goods. It is also the case of the plaintiff that the disparagement is being continued on the electronic as well as print media through the […]

Mankind Pharma Ltd. Vs. Chandra Mani Tiwari and Ors.

Citation: CS (COMM) No. 100/2017 Decided On: 06.07.2018 Facts of the Case: The plaintiff has instituted this suit for perpetual injunction to restrain the two defendants, viz. Chandra Mani Tiwari and Mercykind Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd., from infringing the plaintiff’s trade mark/trade name ‘MANKIND’ and series of marks with the suffix/prefix ‘KIND’ and from passing off […]

Milmet Oftho Industries and Ors. vs. Allergan Inc.

Citation: 2004 (12) SCC 624 Decided on: 07.05.2004 Facts of the Case: The Appellants are an Indian Pharmaceutical company. The Respondents are also a Pharmaceutical company which manufacture pharmaceutical products in several countries. The Respondents filed a Suit for an injunction based on an action for passing off in respect of mark “OCUFLOX” used on […]

Bayer Corporation vs. Union of India.

Citation: 162(2009) DLT 371 Decided on: 15.07.2014 Facts of the Case: The petitioner is a corporation incorporated under the laws of United State of America (USA). Consequent to its research and development (R & D) activities the petitioner invented and developed its patented drug to enable its administration to human beings. The patented drug is […]

The Coca-Cola Company vs. Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd. and Ors.

Decided On: 20.10.2009 Facts of the Case: Plaintiff was the largest brand of soft drinks operating in 200 countries. Defendant No.1, which was earlier known as Aqua Minerals Pvt. Ltd., was a part of Parle group of Industries. The owners of defendant, Mr. Ramesh Chauhan and Mr. Prakash Chauhan, on September 18, 1993, sold the […]

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